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About Rustic Inspirations

What started as an idea, quickly grew into a great adventure. An adventure born from two consecutive weddings and an anniversary party. Let me explain. 


My wonderful Husband and I got married on July 21st, 2017 in San Diego, Ca. It really was the wedding I always dreamed it would be! A beautiful rustic inspired wedding. I spent months planning and preparing. Collecting every archaic looking lantern and vintage decorative piece that I could find along the way. And the truth is, I loved every moment of it! Then two months later my brother married his beautiful bride in Vienna, Austria and there too, they decorated their wedding in their own amazing Arcadian style. A style which they too enjoyed very much thoroughly planning for. Then came my parents 30th anniversary party. A party I was planning for them, as a surprise. And As you can imagine, a lot planning and preparation went into that as well. 30 years is quite a milestone after all!


Long story short, through all these beautiful moments that my family shared, I discovered I had a passion. A passion for creating beautiful memories through event planning. A passion that I hope to turn into a mission. It is therefore my mission, along with my family’s, to help make your event absolutely everything you hope it will be. 

The truth is we here at Rustic Inspirations are a close knit bunch. We’re friends! We’re neighbors! And yes, we are a Family! And it is our hope and great privilege to welcome you into that family and together we look forward so very much to making beautiful memories along the way! 


  Yours truly,   

Natalie Vazquez       


Rustic Inspirations 

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